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Sunday, March 30, 2008

State Rep. Debralee Hovey: Mathematical genius

Last night, the Appropriations Committee passed S.B. 339, a bill, which according to the Connecticut general assembly's website, is designed "to increase participation in the four major federally funded childhood nutrition programs, as well as establish programs for child nutrition at schools."

Picture 1Amazingly, several Republicans voted against the bill, with each offering an explanation, which sounded more like an excuse than anything else. That being said, as a person who once lived in Newtown, State Rep. Debralee Hovey's remarks in voting against the bill left me in a state of confusion.
Hovey: It [the bill] has a requirement that there be thirty-five consecutive days for the summer food service program. Most summer food service programs are a period of six weeks and four days a week and six times four is twenty-eight so there were some concerns about the mandate with regards to the summer food piece of this program and it's not really realistic...

6 X 4 = 28...well, that's new to me.

Shouldn't one of the qualifications for being a State Representative include having to prove to your constituents that you have a mastery of simple mathematics?