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Monday, July 09, 2007

Senator Dodd on Iowa

If you haven't notice, I'm a big fan of Senator Dodd as well as a fan of his online team.

I make it a point to check out Dodd's D-TV video page daily and I came across this videoclip of the senior senator reflecting on traveling across Iowa during his River to River bus tour.

UPDATE: As soon as I say I'm a big fan of Dodd, he said this about his junior buddy.
I nominated [Lieberman at the party convention], I campaigned with him [in the primary], I was tireless on the stump. And it was a dreadful campaign. He ran a much better campaign as an independent. Had he run that kind of campaign in the primary, he would have won. Case over.

Our relationship is too deep and too long-lasting for us not to maintain it. It still has some tension a bit, but we're getting over it.

I would be very surprised [if he became a Republican]. Joe's instincts are so much a Democrat's -- on environmental questions, on choice questions, on economic parity. Joe is profoundly a Democrat. This [a party change] would be so uncomfortable for him. Not that this issue [Iraq] is insignificant, but it's not so big that it would cause him to abandon a whole set of principles that he's embraced for four decades.

So let's see, the war in Iraq is not "so big"? Lieberman ran an better campaign AFTER the election? Well, if Dodd thinks running a better campaign of lies, smear tactics, and coordinating with the state and national GOP is a "better campaign" then we have completely different standards for what's considered a "good campaign."

Saying anything glowing about DINOBoy will not win Dodd any points in the primary...in fact, it might piss Democratic primary voters off and that's the last thing Dodd's needs at this point.

We'll see if Dodd sings the same tune when Lieberman endorses a Republican for President.