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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Senator Dodd raises the bar in YouTube Spotlight

(In a first, here's a cross post I originally did for My Left Nutmeg earlier today)

Senator Chris Dodd's presidential campaign team are always finding new ways to take advantage of the popularity of Youtube and their latest work, which will be featured on YouTube's Spotlight, is one of their most innovative to date.

Since Dodd's video being featured in YouTube's Spotlight just about guarantees that tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of views, the senator's campaign is calling upon people to look beyond the present crap in the mainstream media (Paris Hilton being freed from jail, the costs of Edwards haircut, strippers preforming on a golf course), and encouraging people to call their elected representatives and ask them whether they support the Dodd's amendment to the Defense Authorization bill. Dodd's amendment would require the President to start pulling troops out of the meat grinder (otherwise known as the Iraq War).

What makes Senator Dodd's request unique is that he's asking people to videotape their elected representatives' response to the his amendment and upload their clip to YouTube.

Watch the video.

My favorite drunken blogger from New Milford has more information.