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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

GOP Chairman Chris Healy busted on DUI

I thought long and hard about what to say about GOP chairman Chris Healy's situation seeing that he has made some rather critical (and hypocritical) statements recently. After thinking about during the day, I left it would be better to just link to Maura's post on MLN and leave it at that.
Others can get their knives out for this one if they want, but I have more sympathy for Healy than a taste to score points off this. It's wrong that Healy drove drunk, and he should and will pay a steep legal price for it -- most likely losing his license for a year, since this is his second offense. But alcoholism is a terrible disease, as is depression, and the double scourge of both is a mighty obstacle to overcome.

Healy has done a remarkable job as Republican party chairman since he took over. He's a formidable foe: both a great communicator and a skillful strategist. I will never support his electoral goals or his party, but I sincerely root for his recovery and health.

Now, that doesn't mean that Gov. Jodi Rowland-Rell get off the hook...CTKeith nails it.
This Spin is unbelievable. This guy was arrested MAY 15th,told the Governor June 1st,the same day the DeLuca story broke and we're finding out JUNE 12th!!

Anyone wonder now why we don't have a BUDGET!!

The Ethics Queen, Jodi Rell, was so busy with covering for Deluca and covering up for Healy of course we didn't get a budget.

Jodi Rell is F-ing Shameless and stinks every bit as much as Rowland.