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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Senator Dodd new TV ad hits the airwaves

Outlining his stance on global warming, Senator Dodd released his latest ad, entitled "Global," in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Via Senator Dodd's press release:
Senator and Presidential candidate Chris Dodd's campaign today released a new television advertisement slated to run in Iowa and New Hampshire. The ad highlights Senator Dodd's understanding of the magnitude of what is at stake because of global warming and his bold energy plan to address the crisis.

"With global warming affecting the health of our planet as well as our national security, we can't afford half-measures," said Dodd Campaign Manager Sheryl Cohen. "Chris Dodd is the candidate that recognizes the urgency of the situation and is offering honest and bold solutions that turn our challenges into opportunities."

Dodd is the only candidate to call for a Corporate Carbon Tax, the proceeds from which -- estimated at approximately $50 billion annually -- would fund research into alternative energy sources in order to make America energy independent while taking the lead around the globe on solving the growing crisis of global climate change, all while creating new jobs for Americans.

Dodd's energy plan has won accolades from environmental leaders, including former Vice President Al Gore, who called the Dodd plan "very creative," and Senator John Kerry, who said it is "a serious policy to address a serious problem ... Americans are better off because of Chris' leadership." "Chris Dodd gets it," said former Senator Bill Bradley. Dodd's Corporate Carbon Tax, wrote the Los Angeles Times' Ron Brownstein, "sets Dodd apart from the field."