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Sunday, May 20, 2007

All hail the local Liebercrats

Hugh Bailey nails it.
Local Democrats must be so proud. James Amann, Bill Finch, Paul Ganim: their hard work is going toward bringing control of the U.S. Senate back to Republicans.

Surprising no one, Sen. Joe Lieberman has announced he will campaign and raise money for his good friend Sen. Susan Collins, of Maine. Collins is a Republican, and if she wins next year, it could go a long way toward putting her party back in control of the Senate.

Elections have consequences. Congress is this year finally holding hearings and trying to get answers from a White House that rules by executive fiat. President Bush will be gone after next year's election, but investigators will be sorting through the wreckage of his presidency for years. Restoring to power a party dedicated to looking the other way is bad for the country.


Lieberman can argue that he's only repaying Collins' favor to him last year. It's true, she came to Connecticut and did what she could to help her fellow ranking member on the Senate's committee on homeland security. But for Collins, there was no downside. Win or lose, Lieberman or Ned Lamont, the Connecticut senator was going to caucus with the Democrats. Collins' seat, though, is a toss-up, and should she win, it could deal a severe blow to Democrats' chances of holding onto the Senate.


We'll never know what kind of senator Ned Lamont would have made, but we can be sure he wouldn't have spent time and money campaigning for Republicans. Elections have consequences, and all local Democrats who stuck with Lieberman and turned against their own party should be reminded of what their support has brought them — no oversight, no meaningful investigations from his committee and active support for Republicans. Thanks again, guys.

Don't forget those who stuck with Joe...don't EVER forget.

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