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Friday, March 23, 2007

Connecticut delegation vote on Iraq Supplemental Appropriations Bill

Today, the Connecticut delegation casted their votes on the Iraq Supplemental Appropriations Bill, a binding resolution that places a redeployment date for American troops in Iraq.

Freshmen Democratic Congressmen Chris Murphy and Joe Courtney took to the airwaves and offered their remarks about their vote.

Here's highlights of Congressman Murphy press conference from earlier today.

From Joe Courtney's press release.

"I voted for a supplemental today that puts an end to the pattern of rubberstamping President Bush's failed policies in Iraq by previous Congresses.  The time is long overdue for the Iraqi people to stand up and regain control of their destiny and the future security of their nation. The benchmarks established in this measure provide the necessary incentives to begin that process," stated Congressman Courtney.  "Eastern Connecticut's soldiers continue to serve courageously in Iraq, but it is time Congress honor their service by making sure that they have the resources and tools necessary to perform their jobs and to provide the best health care possible when they return home."
Courtney was also interviewed on CSPAN about his vote, which you can watch by clicking here