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Friday, January 12, 2007

The disgrace of Joe Lieberman and a new simple question

I'll cut to the chase...Joe Lieberman is a lying bastard who said anything to get re-elected.

It's that simple folks and there is no denying the obvious any longer. Lieberman LIED to the voters of Connecticut on Iraq and NOW he LIED to the voters of Connecticut over Katrina.

I'm now going to waste anyone's time going over the bullshit Lieberman pulled during the primary with crazy nonsense ranging from handing out race-baiting flyers throughout the African-American community and sending his goons (headed by lobbyist and D.C. a-hole Richard Goodstein) to cause trouble at Lamont events, to dishing out 387,000 in cold hard petty cash on the streets days and lying about his own senate votes while accusing Lamont of distorting his record. No, I'm not going to get into that, it's TOO easy and you can find all you need in this blog's archives.

What Lieberman did this week is more disgusting than all the crap he pulled during his pathetic primary campaign and he needs to be held accountable by EVERY SINGLE VOTER WHO DRANK HIS KOOL-AID IN THIS STATE.

Lieberman is giving a pass to a President who ran away from his responsibilities and played "I'm a country music star" while people drowned in New Orleans.

A President who FLAT OUT LIED to the American public when he said "no one could anticipated that the leeves would break."

A President who only offered support once the mayor of New Orleans called him out on a radio talk show and his interview was repeated for the world to hear on television.

A President who has no problem flying into New Orleans to do a photo-op but to this day, still hasn't offered any real support to those who have lost everything.

Lieberman is giving a pass to administration idiots like Condi Rice who had better things to do like buying shoes in NYC and hitting tennis balls with Monica Seles while people from her own race were suffering and dying live on television.

Does this man have any shame?

And of course, Lieberman is giving himself a pass for giving the thumbs up (after 42 minutes of questioning) to an under-qualified moron named Michael Brown.

Oh yes, Lieberman can only offer 42 minutes of questioning to a man who was more obsessed with media coverage during the disaster than saving lies during the actual disaster.
At one point early that morning, Brown reported to an aide that he was “sitting in the chair, putting mousse in my hair,” as he waited for media interviews to begin.
Why only 42 minutes...because Joe can;'t bring himself to be critical of ANYTHING this Presdient does including placing a complete idiot in charge of FEMA.


For your viewing pleasure, Here's a recap of the incredible failures from the Bush administration that Holy Joe is turning a blind eye towards.

...as well as the failures from the man Joe approved after 42 minutes.

From Lieberman's mouthpiece:
"The senator is an independent Democrat and answers only to the people who elected him to office and to his own conscience."

a.) The people in Connecticut (as well as the nation) are against the war and

b.) By Lieberman giving the Bush administration a pass on the biggest natural disaster and political screw-up of all time, Lieberman has proven, without a shadow of a doubt, that he has no conscience.

Kos adds his two cents and I couldn't agree more:
Ironic because he promised them troop withdrawals before the end of this year and aggressive oversight over the mess in Katrina. He's not "answering" to them, he's giving Connecticut voters the middle finger.

We can't pretend to have operating control of the Senate until we take out Lieberman's "swing" role. We win a couple more Senate seats, and Reid will have the ability to toss Lieberman from his committee seats with little repercussion beyond Lieberman's predictable whines.

Lieberman stands in opposition to everything the American people demanded the last election -- an exit from Iraq and accountability for the administration. It is our job, in the next 21 months, to work toward relegating Lieberman to the dustbin of history.

Enough is enough.

We should hold Lieberman and ANY DEMOCRATIC DEFENDER of Lieberman fully accountable. Whether it's State Senator Bill Finch and State Central's Nancy DiNardo (both of whom were sighted at Lieberman's gala in D.C. last week), or the shameless James "I'll cruish you" Amann who is now backpeddling universal health care, it's time for Democrats to draw a line in the sand and say we're not putting up with this kiss ass garbage from politicians any longer.

As the national blogs are looking for reaction from the spineless Democrats in D.C. who can't seem to bring themselves to say anything bad about Holy Joe, we should call EVERY State Rep. ad Senator and get them on the record in regards to Lieberman's latest antics.

It's time to stand up and I promise you, it will not be business as usual for the status quo.