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Monday, October 30, 2006

Lieberman spokeswoman freaks out in front media in Stamford

I'm getting reports from those who were at Joe Lieberman's photo-op with Michael Bloomberg in Stamford this morning that the entire thing was one big fake show complete with planted commuters and annoyed "real commuters."

Apparently team Joementum really know how to put on a show as Liebergoon spokesperson Tammy Sun lashed out and said "bite me" to a person who posed a question to her (all of which happened in front of the media).
After the phony "commuter greeting" Bush and Bloomberg left the train station and returned around 9:30 am for a press conference.

During that time, Tammy Sun sat with two members of her all frigid female club.

When I saw Tammy, I said to her, "Hey is it Tammy Sunrise or Tammy Sunset?'

Tammy responded, "BITE ME."

She found that funny and said I could quote her on it. (A cameraman from the NY TIMES and Daily news were there and a couple of witnesses heard the initial Bite Me comment.)

Tammy also said that I "should get a life." Well part of my life is making sure people have better lives and the best way I know to do that is to get rid of politicians like Joe Lieberman.
Class act.