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Monday, June 26, 2006

Spazeboy and Lieberman: round two

I'm a big fan of Spazeboy. This guy knows no fear and is very dangerous with a video camera. I call him Joe Lieberman's nightmare for good reason as he is relentless in going after George Bush's favorite Democrat whenever he gets a chance.

(Okay, I actually respect him because he has a Smashing Pumpkins sticker on his car but that's besides the point...)

Spazeboy was in New Britain recently as he heard about Joe coming to town for one of his famous bull shit "diner stops." Joe was also suppose to attend the New Britain DTC meeting later that night and Spazeboy was armed and ready for him. Unfortunately, Joe never arrived but Spazeboy breaks down what happened at the meeting after a Lieberman volenteer spoke on Joe's behalf.

Trust me, it's priceless.
Joe Lieberman was rumored to be in New Britain for one of his infamous publicity stunts, but important business apparently kept him in Washington. That’s too bad, because he was also going to speak to the New Britain DTC. I can’t blame him for chickening out, New Britain did give Lamont the highest number of votes at the convention: 24. Fortunately, one of his staff members (possibly one who knew or recognized me?) was there and spoke briefly. Due to general lack of preparedness, I did not have any audio or video recording equipment going at the time, something for which I could almost never forgive myself. Then again, I didn't blow an opportunity as bad as my friend CTBob did…so I’ll consider myself forgiven. Here's what the kid basically said:
Damn right, kiddo. Joe's going to have a hell of a time in New Britain as long as Spazeboy's in town.

After the Lieberman staffer spoke, the committee delved into topics not nearly interesting enough for me to blog about with two notable exceptions:


  1. Peter Tercyak, State Representative from the 26th House District moved that another vote be taken on the sense of the meeting in support of Ned Lamont’s bid for the Senate. The motion was seconded by Phil Sherwood and the sense of the meeting was to support Ned Lamont. Again, this was NOT an endorsement, and I heard at least one “nay” but I believe it was from someone (probably a Lieberman supporter) who thought it was best to remain neutral.
Joe's goon pisses off everyone at the meeting so much so that the DTC turned around and took a vote of support for Ned Lamont's candidacy. Too funny.

UPDATE: Seems like other people heard about Spazeboy's coverage of the meeting. I'm telling you, this kid is dangerous...