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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Lieberman trying to use union endorsement as a foundation for his Indy run

Ah, it all becomes clearer now...

Here's the deal as it was told to me:

There are two votes happening today at the AFL-CIO convention surrounding the senate endorsement. The vote to endorse Joe Lieberman is a no-brainer as we know that Joe has this endorsement locked up. The real interesting (and important) that everyone should keep an eye on is the vote on how long the endorsement of Lieberman will last. Will it last till August 8th (primary day) or will it last until November (general election). Joe's campaign is currently running an stealth campaign and is working hard to secure the endorsement until November so they'll have the backing of organized labor for the general election.

In other words, Joe is securing the labor endorsement for his independent run.

Remember, the endorsement vote isn't important, what really is important is the union vote on how long the endorsement will last. Hopefully, the mainstream media will pick up on Joe's stealth campaign and start asking questions. I know if I was at the convention, the question regarding how long the union's endorsement of Lieberman will actually last would interest me the most.