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Friday, January 13, 2006

Democratic leader wants FCC to investigate cell phone records scandal

As I posted earlier this week, AMEIRCABlog's John Aravosis was able to obtain the cell phone records of General Wesley Clark for under 100.00 by using an online broker. Well, this episode caught the attention of the MSM and now it seems that finally someone in Congress is demanding answers.

I think we in Connecticut should ask our members of Congress why did it take a blogger to get someone to act on this (and only the minority leader). I have more than enough money (and enough know-how) and do the same thing AMEIRCABlog did to Clark and obtain the cell phone records of Senator Dodd, Lieberman as well as Congessman Larson, Shays, Simmons and Congresswoman Nancy Johnson. Wonder if that get them to act on this alittle faster on this matter?

Here is Senator Reid's letter to the FCC via AMERICABlog (pdf format).

UPDATE: AMERICABlog was able to obtain other people's phone records and added Sprint to the list of cell phone companies whose customer's records are available for under 100.00.

I'm going to contact AMERICABlog and get the full details into this and see if I can obtain my own cell phone records.

Customers who should be concerned include:
T-Mobile, Cingular, and Sprint.

Brokers who providing your cell records:

Try it out yourself...you'll be shocked!