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Sunday, December 18, 2005

X-mas shopping and comments

Why, oh why, did I wait so long to start X-mas shopping?

Rule to self: Never try to go shopping at a place called "Christmas Tree Shops" as it could be a bad experience (especially if you go on the Saturday before the holiday).

Sorry for the lack of posts but I've been out and about buying presents but it's Sunday so I'm back on the political beat.

What and the hell was President Bush thinking when he decided it was okay to ignore the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and secretly monitor Americans without a warrant? Talk about big brother running amok.

And Joe Lieberman kissing up to the Bush and Co claiming that we turned the corner in Iraq. I mean really; at this point, who is listening or believing this line of garbage. Didnt' we hear the same thing during the last two Iraq elections?

And while we on Iraq, the Hartford Courant came out with an editorial today which defends the comments of Lieberman claiming that the senator is correct in stating that it would be wrong to pull our troops out of Iraq. Now, I'm not sure but were any of the members of the editorial board over at the Courant EVER in Iraq? has any of them thought about doing a story on the soliders who will be spending thir Christmas over at Walter Reed? What about those young soilders who are back and will be spending their holidays dealing with tramatic stress syndrome. These kids suffer from images of their buddies being blown up to pieces because they were probably in a vehilce which was not properly armoured due to the incompetence of the Secretary of Defense (who was the same idiot who allowed people to be tortured which tarnished our image around the world).
After having made a huge sacrifice to topple the regime of the tyrant Saddam Hussein, it would be folly for the United States to pull out too early and risk Iraq's collapse into chaos. That could lead to a wider war or Iraq's becoming a terrorist sanctuary.

Millions of Americans might wish that we hadn't invaded Iraq. But we did, and must make the best of it. Mr. Lieberman's vision of victory may not sit well with many in his party, but it is more responsible than the position taken by those who would simply abandon Iraq before a representative government can take hold.

Yeah, I really love people who have no skin in the game tell the anti-war crowd (made up of people and family members who HAVE skin in this game) that they're wrong to suggest that our troops should be brought back. How do they know Iraq will fall to pieces if the troops leave, the way I see it, it's already fallen in to chaos and it's largely because of our presence. To hear people like Lieberman talk about the situation, you think it would be okay to take a vacation over there or something (let me call RCI and see if I can book a timeshare).

And lets be honest, Lieberman has had a long history of attacking Democrats while shamelessly sucking up to the Republicans and he would of made an awful vice-president. For Lieberman, this isn't about bipartisanship, it's about getting press coverage for himself and getting political points with Bush and Co. His hubris is really out of control and he might pay a price if another Democrat challenges him in the primary.

In other Connecticut-related stuff, what in the hell is going on at Governor Rell's camp. Moosy is put on punishment for ONLY two weeks? The story is so murky that I don't have time to even get into it right now (it deserves a full post)...

Enough rambling, I'm off to buy more crap. Drop me an email, what's happening in Connecticut that I've missed.