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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Hate group visits Stamford

The group behind the "MexDonalds" report attracted a total of five people last night and they get a story in the Connecticut Post? Why does the media even give this hate group attention. They lost two of their founding members over their stupid McDonalds survey and if it wasn't for the rpess covering their meaningless meetings, they probably wouldn't even exist.

Again, let me stress that the Connectcut Citizens for Immigration Control (CTCIC) is nothing but a hate group and the charges of racism is well-founded and has recently been proven with the discovery of the "MexDonalds" terminology in one of their reports.

The only reason I post anything about this group is to expose the hate that was Mayor Mark Boughton's creation when he blew the illegal immigration situation out of proportion.

From the Stamford Advocate
A controversial group looking to restrict immigration attracted five people last night to the Government Center and was met with an equal number of protesters outside.

Connecticut Citizens for Immigration Control of Danbury, launched in April, argues that illegal immigrants are taking away jobs from American citizens and would eventually cause overpopulation in the country.

Paul Streitz of Darien, a founder of the group, organized its first meeting in Stamford last night to gauge support for future meetings in the city.
With only five people attending (one of those attending was a lawyer who was against the group), I hope he got the point but somehow I don't think he did.

The group has been called racist by some and has had internal tumult recently. Two of its three founders left the group recently, saying Streitz had led it in a divisive direction, especially after he released a study based solely on observations. It said undocumented Hispanic workers are taking all the jobs at McDonald's restaurants statewide.

"Racism isn't the issue," Streitz said. "It's the sheer number of people coming into the country and how they're coming into the country."

No Streitz, racism IS the issue and your at the center of the problem and have been since the creation of this group which is why you lost the support of some of your members. Strange how you don't explain why you used the term MexDonalds or explain why some of your members can't stand you right now.

"Our emphasis has always been on employment and going after the employers who are using illegal immigrants," Streitz said. He said he knew illegal immigrants aren't a huge problem in Stamford but wanted to have a meeting to get residents' reaction. There is another group in Waterbury and Steitz only needs one interested resident to expand to Stamford, he said.

Notice how he doesn't explain what this has to do with McDonalds or the using of the racial slur. The Advocate should of called some of the members who are at a disagreement with Streitz to get their reaction to his comments.

Opponents of the group said last night that there has to be a more sophisticated strategy to deal with illegal immigration.

"We're happy to leave our helpless infants and elderly in the hands of immigrants, but we won't legalize them," said Stamford immigrant attorney Philip Berns, who attended the meeting. "If we did do serious workplace enforcement, employers would say, 'Good God, legalize them.' "

Wasting column inches on these people is a waste of time and serves no purpose. The CTCIC is only interested in getting free press. They have no proposals or ideas that can be seen as productive and contribute nothing to the issue of immigration in Connecticut.