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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Audrey Blondin steps out of the race

Susan Bysiewicz forces another Democrat to drop out of the Secretary of State race Wednesday.

From the Register Citizen
Audrey Blondin is out of the race for Secretary of the State.

The township woman stepped away from the race Wednesday.

"This is the right decision for the (Democratic) party and the right decision for me," Blondin said.

Blondin, an attorney in Torrington who also runs an eye care mission in Nicaragua with her husband Matthew, set her sights on the office held by Democrat Susan Bysiewicz last year.

Bysiewicz had announced her intention to run for governor, and Blondin sought to fill the open spot as secretary of the state.

Bysiewicz, however, dropped out of the governor’s race in September and has decided to run for re-election instead.

That decision would leave Blondin in a primary battle with the incumbent.

"I would have to raise between $500,000 to $ 1 million," Blondin said.

Blondin said the picture within the party is now clear, and she wants to do everything she can to help her party win as many seats as possible this year and next year.

"I faced a choice," Blondin said, "I have endorsed her (Bysiewicz) and the entire Democratic slate."

Bysiewicz said Blondin notified her of the decision Tuesday night.

"I think very highly of Audrey," Bysiewicz said Wednesday night, " I’m very grateful to have her support."