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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Where's Nancy Johnson?

Connecticut Local Politics has a rundown of what our Congressional lawmakers are saying about the hurricane and the Bush Administraion response (or lack thereof) to the crisis.

I love Genghis but I think he should of been more critical of Nancy Johnson (in fact ALOT MORE CRITICAL). Of all the lawmakers, Nancy Johnson is the only one that never seems to not say anything about anything. Whether it is privatizing social security or the hurricane crisis, Johnson always seems to be MIA and it's a simply a disgrace.

Rep. Nancy Johnson (R-5)

Johnson hasn’t done or said very much about the events of the past week. Here’s what I could find:

Rep. Nancy L. Johnson, R-5th District, was in her district, visiting the Farmington office of the American Red Cross to discuss local relief efforts. (Lightman)

…That’s it. Otherwise, she’s been doing other things.
I'd like it if Genghis would find out what "other things" she's could be possibly doing. I understand that he plays it from the center (although he's definately left of center) but lets all a spade a spade here. What is more important than this crisis? Every other Congressperson and Senator has a comment about this horrible crisis but Rep. Johnson can't be found? She can't even come out and explain how people in her district are helping in out in providing hurricane relief to the victims (e.g. where to drop off donations)?

There's no excuse for this and the people in the fifth district should demand that the person representing them show some leadership once in a while. If every other person in Congress can address the matter, why can't she? Too busy fundraising?

If anyone has seen or heard from Rep. Johnson please drop me a line or post a comment.