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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Dan Malloy comments on Juvenile Training School closing

Malloy offers his opinion on Rell's decision to close the corrupt Juvenile Training School and makes an interesting point that many of Rowland's appointees are still in office.

From Malloy's website
"Governor Rell should immediately launch a thorough and open investigation of the Office of Policy and Management, the Department of Children and Families and the Department of Public Works at all levels to determine who knew about any wrongdoing and when they knew it, who engaged in inappropriate behavior, and who may have turned a blind eye to corruption," Malloy said. "Given the breadth of the corruption in the Rowland Administration, it is disconcerting that most of Rowland's political appointees in these departments remain in the Rell Administration. What's more, many people had warned that this was an ill-conceived facility and officials in the Rowland Administration pushed forward nonetheless.

"This is not just about criminal wrongdoing, but importantly about accountability and how people on the State's payroll performed their jobs," Malloy said. "To truly change Rowland's climate of corruption, we need to change government at all levels, and that can't happen unless Governor Rell holds everyone accountable.

Many in the media criticized John DeStefano's linking of Rell with the Rowland administration but Malloy links the two administrations together in a way that people can easily understand. The Juvenile School was the center of the corruption scandal which is something the people in Connecticut will never forget and if Malloy can show that many of the players involved in the scandal are still employed by the state, he could make the Rell-Rowland connection stick...and all without creating a DVD.