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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Johnson, Simmons flip flop a blow to Connecticut military

These two have some explaining to do.

Meanwhile, two Republican House members from Connecticut provided the swing votes late Thursday to kill a measure that would have cut funding for the base closings.

Rep. Rob Simmons, who has been a vocal critic of the Pentagon's process and decisions, and Rep. Nancy Johnson initially voted in favor of cutting $169 million from BRAC and moving it to veterans programs and funding for families of troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Their support gave the measure enough votes to pass.

But under pressure from GOP leaders, several Republicans including Johnson and Simmons changed their votes at the last minute, and the amendment lost by one vote -- 213-214. Neither would explain the change.

They wouldn't explain their change because it's a disgrace and a vote that will haunt Simmons and Johnson once the election season gets underway.