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Friday, April 08, 2005

Tell CT House Speaker James Amann to stop using stall tatics

This is just crazy. We have a civil unions bill that passes easily through the senate but some out of step DEMOCRATS want to stop the bill from becomming law?
House Speaker James Amann, D-Milford, opposes civil unions and said passing the bill would simply lead to gay marriage.

"I strictly, 100 percent believe that marriage is between a man and a woman," Amann said. "I know this building. If anybody thinks they will go away after we pass civil unions, they are fooling themselves. They'll come back next year for marriage."

Later in the article, Amann uses a poor excuse for stonewalling this bill.

Amann knows most Democrats favor the bill and wants to bring it to the floor for a vote, but he first wants to send it to the legislature's Planning and Development Committee for further review. That's because the law, if passed, would affect cities and towns that issue the civil union licenses.
Come on, you can't be serious? It's pretty obvious that Amann is against civil unions, gay marriage, and possibly gays in general but the last thing he's thinking about is how the passage of this bill will affect the cities and towns that issue the liecenses.
It's time for people in CT to put pressure on their house reps to pass this bill as is and have Rell sign it. Hopefully this will turn out to be a big political issue in'06 as it's time to hold the politicians accountable for their actions.